Monday, March 28, 2011


This weekend we squeezed in a quick trip to Seattle in between tdys and deployments! Trust me, this was a feat. He was supposed to fly into Spokane at midnight, but at the last minute he had me borrow a friend's huge truck (thank you Marc & Katie!) and pick him up at SeaTac. Their 2011 Tundra is so huge I felt like a monster-truck-mama hauling west on I 90.  It was so wonderful to see Mike and be together!

I wanted to try out some of my new 'selfie' tricks from and came up with a few shots of our trip that I love! I just had my Canon PowerShot on auto timer, turned off the flash, and looked for great natural light.

We stayed in a beautiful room right downtown and just relished being tourists for the weekend.

I know I'll treasure these images for a long time. My bump is getting bigger by the minute. I am just shy of 6 months now, and next time my husband sees me I'll be at 8 months!

This last shot is at the top of the Space Needle. To keep up my inspiration and challenge myself to learn I'm following a good friend's photography blog, and I highly reccomend it! Check out the button below to see her work...

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First attempt

I am so excited to say I have finally started playing around with my camera & tripod to capture my first pregnancy. I feel great today and with a little inspiration I came up with this image as my favorite. My goal is to have one image a week that I really like. I want to do a little journaling each week, too, so I can make a simple album to remember the experience and share in the future.

I chose the bedroom today because it is my favorite back drop in our home so far, and I think the sitting poses are a little less tricky.

Any ideas for picking a good full body back drop in your home?

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