Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Girl Bonding! What a wonderful day :)

What an amazing blessing to visit our Compassion child today in her home! There are 44,000 children sponsored here in Honduras, and only about 100 children a year actually get to meet their sponsors, so everyone was SO excited! I was the first visitor in 8 years to visit this project, and I am so grateful for this special connection with Rubia!

She is a beautiful, kind, Christian girl. I loved every minute we spent together! :) First we showed up at the local church, where Rubia and her mom met me with tears in their eyes.

I saw the local afterschool project where the children recieve their care from Compassion, and then we went to her home where I met the rest of her family. She lives with her mother, brother, 2 sisters, aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents in a tiny plot with 3 one bedroom homes.
Her mother was widowed 10 years ago by a drunk driver. Life here is very very hard for a single mom, but she is a strong believer and the faith of each person in the family was gorgeous to see.

Lizzie stole the show: she is 4 years old and just full of little songs, dances, and stories to tell that made us all laugh the whole time. What an adorable girl!

After we made friends she pulled me into her room and said, will you take a picture of me all by myself? :) Then she and her sisters wanted to sing me a song. It was so cute!

All three girls share a queen size bed in the only bedroom in the house. We went into their room to enjoy the girly presents I brought for them: 3 pairs of butterfly earrings, a pink rhinestone cross necklace, and 5 tiny lip glosses. My favorite moment was taking turns choosing our favorite flavor and then pretending to be make-up artists together. Even the mom joined us :).

Then we took a walk with the whole family around the pretty little town to see her middle school, the town square, and share an icecream together. We kept meeting more family, friends, and neighbors along the way and they were excited to see me, too. They were like, we have Compassion sponsors, too, but we thought they were all old ladies!

They also told me how they pray for their sponsors and that they wouldn't be able to attend school without Compassion. I am so grateful that God worked out this special day to encourage Rubia, build our friendship, and to just have fun! It is so easy to just send the money each month, but I can tell you I am going to work so much harder at those letters, pictures, stickers, and cards because I got to see for myself today what a difference that connection makes.
Prayer request: There are just 6 children without sponsors in Rubia's project, and I want to pray for their sponsorship, too. Also praise God for the special time together, and that God would continue to provide for this sweet widow and her 4 children.


  1. I got done reading this and immediately wrote to my sponsor child. Thanks Rachel for reminding me to make a difference... for reminding me that simply paying the money every month is not enough. -Charity

  2. yay! thanks, charity! so glad to hear it :). i'm feeling inspired, too, and really want to minister in a special way to these children :).