Friday, March 5, 2010

Ladies Retreat this weekend!

We are so excited today because we are about to leave for a 3 day ladies Ameaus retreat. Kim has an 'inviting problem' just like me :) and so we are sponsoring 4 girls to attend. This is a silly picture of Kim with one of her favorite pets, Rocky the talking parrot.
Please pray for our retreat. Some of the girls are strong Christians, others are very far from God. Pray that we would truly experience something special and meaningful. I pray that our hearts will be open to learning, hope and love. Especially lift up Clarissa, seen above with the computer on her lap. I don't know the whole story, but she has grown up in extreme poverty, and at this point has been abandoned by both parents, who are both on drugs. She hasn't been in school for a while and is really struggling. Pray that she is moved by our time at the retreat.
This is Michelle with her baby Tati (making a funny face), the oldest daughter Rick & Kim have adopted. She is very very sweet and loves teaching me Spanish/praticing her English with me. We have gotten to have some great talks about God. Please pray that I would have wisdom and hope to share with her when she asks hard questions.
Thank you so much!


  1. May you be be blessed and be a blessing at your retreat. Will be praying for Clarissa especially.

  2. Even though I am reading this email on Monday - our God is Lord of yesterday, today & the future. So I am praying for their spiritual eyes & ears to be open & for deep truths to penetrate their hearts. Praying for you to be real, open & vulnerable as the Lord leads you. Thankfully we don't have to have it all together - authenticity draws others to Himself, who has it all together.