Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keep praying for the baby Christians :)

This weekend was a big men's retreat and I asked you all to really pray for God to move in these guy's lives--- he did!
We got to greet the boys at a big church-worship-service-welcome-back event Sunday night. There were hundreds of people there to greet the boys and celebrate what God did that weekend. We heard great testimonies and saw about 100 men of God emerge from the experience.

I asked for special prayer for the boys we sent: Kevin, Axel, and Sarco (plus 2 cousins). Unfortunately Sarco did not attend because his girlfriend had their baby last weekend. I was bummed that he wasn't there to hear God's truth, but I know he is becoming more open to faith and I know God is not giving up on him.

Kevin, the 14 year old that ran away from our home 2 weeks ago, showed up with his heart open to God and gave us big hugs and smiles at the church reception. The pastor said he had really changed. I continue to pray that he receives serious healing from his nightmare of a childhood that only God can give him. Many of you have asked about Kevin and where he is living: he has chosen to live in the slum barrio where he grew up with a Christian cousin, just a stone's throw away from where he was abused as a child. He is making it really hard on himself, but I know God isn't finished with what he has started in Kevin's life.

Axel & the cousins all accepted Christ for the first time and want to completely turn their lives over to him. They cried with joy when we greeted them and I am praying for them to persevere in their new faith and find a good support system to cheer them on and teach them more. Axel says he wants to leave his old life in the dust and embrace the freedom and truth God offers. Praise God!!

On a much lighter note, I treated Michelle to a special spa day as a thank you for working so hard during our move and being such a darling friend. I have gotten to mentor her during my time here and it has meant so much to me! She is so sweet and open to what God wants to do in her life. Exciting stuff. She has also helped me tremendously with my Spanish because we just sit and talk for hours together about our lives and what God is doing around us :). What a blessing! You can see we did a 'serious' before pic and an adorable 'after' pic at a cute girly crepe cafe.

As I prepare to finish my last week here, my prayer is 1 Cor 16:13: Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be a woman of courage; be strong. Do everything in love. I want to finish strong and take advantage of every little divine appointment God has for me here :)! Love you all!

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